About us

As Polish, family business SILPOL Sylwester Hałka we have been operating continously for many years.
Our job is to select meat of a particular quality.
Many years of experience have taught us to pay special attention to details.
We work with certificated Polish and Italian slaughterhouses. They deliver the highest quality meat.

High Quality

„High quality lays on the base of our work."
We sell post-slaughter graded carcasses based on a system where the price of cattle depends on the carcass weight and carcass grades defined in the (S) EUROP system.
This classification applies to carcasses obtained from mature cattle (over 12 months) weighing more than 300 kg.
The classification includes the following categories:
  • A - uncastrated males carasses uder 2 years
  • B - other uncastrated males carasses
  • C - castrated males carasses
  • D - Cow carasses
  • E - Heifers carasses
This carasses are rated for formation and fatness. We rate representative parts (hunch, ridge, blade).
Carcasses formation classification:
  • S - outstanding muscularity (double)
  • E - perfect muscularity
  • U - very good muscularity
  • R - good muscularity
  • O - sufficient muscularity
  • P - weak muscularity
Carcasses fatness classification :
  • 1 - low fatness
  • 2 - small fatness
  • 3 - medium fatness
  • 4 - high fatness
  • 5 - very high fatness

Certificates of our partners